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Kurtzy Led Lightbulb

Product link: KurtzyTM USB LED Light Lightbulb Lamp Torch USB Chargeable For DIY Camping Hiking

So Kurtzy asked me to review this, I said yes to this and to another LED bulb of a different type within minutes of each other. I forgot about this one until it arrived. As a result the impact was fresh with this one.

It looks like an LED bulb but it's battery powered. The battery seems to last forever and it casts a nice diffuse glow. That diffusion meant it got way more use than it should as a seemingly gimmicky item as I've been building a weird computer that's also in use currently. So it's on the floor, not the table.

This is way better than a torch or a number of worklights simply because it's literally a lightbulb that I can put any place. That's far more useful than it sounds.

The whole thing isn't a paragon of build quality, it's got some moulding flash here and there but the button works nicely and the light is properly bright.

The cons

There are two cons to having this, it is very useful but it's not easily placed everywhere because the loop at the top has no hook, no magnet, no help. The other issue I have, is that they didn't look at the fact they were making it chargeable via USB and didn't think a Micro B or Mini A input would make more sense than a barrel connector in terms of compatibility.


This thing is actually worth having if you have a use for it, I'm sure it'd be great as a tent light but as a spot light, for being able to illuminate inside things you're working on it's amazing because unlike almost every torch or worklamp it has a properly diffuse glow.

It is however, a battery, an LED and a switch. It's not a gamechanger at anything, just surprisingly helpful for something easily dismissed.