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Granvela X3 headphones

Granvela sent me these over to review and after having a go at them I've found these lighweight little headphones to be pretty fair. Off the bat they're unobtrusively light and easy to fit, with a fairly attractive style, I personally like the retro adjustment bits and not particularly obvious controls.

Using them

These have some distinct advantages over other bluetooth headphones, I've previously complained about the annoying use of clicky buttons on the ear cups of headphones, it's super annoying, loud clicking every time you want to skip a track. These, well they opt for a cheap simple and overall winning solution, a wee thumbwheel switch, push to pause play, flick for back and forth with no clicks. This I like.

The voice on these has a particularly amusing accent, however one thing I noticed is the power switch is not a soft switch, it seems to shut the headphones off immediately, not a complaint, just a change, maybe a good one in terms of being sure you actually turned them off before setting them down and not knowing why your phone's behaving stupidly.

Comfort wise, I expected worse at first because I can have some bother with smaller ear cups but the padding's very soft and the lack of detentes in the adjustment makes it pretty easy to get them sitting the way you want them to.

On the handsfree front these do ok, they're not much cop in noisy environs but will get you through a call.

The Sound Quality

The sound quality is really not bad, it's well rounded with some bass. Lately nearly every pair of headphones and earbuds I've tested have been pretty usable. The bar's certainly getting higher these days.

On the whole, these deliver a level of quality that I'm happy to listen to while commuting and in the house if I can't have my proper speakers. They miss some smaller details and have a little shhing on cymbals and the like on busier tracks. With simpler stuff with big dynamic changes they shine. On the whole I can't knock it, they're not audiophile headphones but they do enough to keep most happy.

Bonus Feature

There's a card slot on top of the earcup with the controls. These aren't just headphones, aren't just bluetooth with passthrough. They don't need a separate source at all. If you still keep on a player or in your memory cards these might be the ticket for you.


I like these headphones, the smaller cups have worked out fine for me, they look pretty smart, with that milled looking outer cup and less in the way of logos and obvious buttons, they're easy to use and the battery gets through the intermittent week easily enough.