Riff Raff Makes

Extol 1/2" 20 UNF Thread Keyless Chuck

Product Link: EXTOL PREMIUM 8898006 Keyless Chuck

Before spending the money on a nice Rohm chuck to replace the squinty on my drill I decided to give this one as stab, so far I'm really glad I did.

It's a definite improvement on a lot of chucks that come on cordless drills and adds a fairly small cost. The ratchet action gets a really good grip of bits.

Oh to Drill straight!

I've been aware of how off kilter the chuck on the cordless I use most has gotten but it makes a bigger difference than you realise, there's a lot less frustration with starting screws and slipping bits, plus it just feels a brave bit more pleasant to use.


If you need a replacement chuck or just want something else on your drill it's definitely worth a go the price is right and the quality's there.