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Remove a Stubborn Drill Chuck

The chuck on my Ryobi had come out of true and removing it to replace with an Extol chuck turned out to be a fairly serious pain the hole.

Sub tip: Removing the locking screw

When I was looking for any creative solutions to the chuck problem I saw a variety of methods on how to remove the locking screw. The obvious thing to me was to pick up the exact same kind of drill and unscrew it with that, it's a left hand thread so remove in forward but otherwise normal, I see no reason you couldn't also put a screwdriver in a clamp and make the drill unscrew it. In fact I just did and it worked fine, bit of an odd sensation to take apart a drill with, well the drill. For my Ryobi one+ the screw was PH3

The Fun Starts

Conventional Wisdom seems to be to remove the locking screw, tighten the chuck on an allen key and tap it round with a hammer (counterclockwise) this didn't work, so I got a longer allen key and it still didn't work, I tried just heaving on it for all I was worth but the chuck seemed to tweak over a little and have no give at all.

Youtube "helped"

I'd have done this anyway but opening the chuck all the way and using vice grips to undo it, even if your locking screw's broken did work on video. However, Ryobi's single sleeve chuck is not as firmly attached to the underlying mechanism.


In the end I decided to look for something definitely solid on the chuck under the plastic sleeve, once I found it I peeled around that bit with a flathead, like skinning a particularly truculent orange.

Once I got the vice grips on this it unscrewed pretty easily and my new chuck went on just fine. It's a victory of sorts.