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HP SFF for Gaming

This project was born out of little more than the fact that I have an HP 705 G1, a little machine already stuffed with a boot SSD, storage HDD, 16GB of Ram, which makes the 7800B APU pretty zippy and capable of playing a good number of games already. However, one of my customers had an R9 270X going cheap and I reckoned I could jam it inside the HP. I have no good reason for doing such a thing.

The power supply conversion, that I'll document in full detail but it's a pain, because it's a non standard supply and connectors and there's a completely useless blower fan in there just to make the motherboard comfortable at boot, because I figured I might as well do this thoroughly.

450W was not enough.

I jammed the VS450 I bought on top of the machine and hooked it to my custom header, which was created by getting ratassed, putting a multimeter to the running computer and writing the results on the cover panel in drywipe before taking a pen torch to my old Dell's motherboard to get a female ATX header.

I spent a good while blaming the voltage booster I used to run raise the 5vsb to the 12vsb the motherboard expects for occasional drop outs. That is until the PCI Riser, aka the JaneDream Buckle! arrived and it became clear that 38amps of 12V wasn't enough for it. I got an improvement by powering all the drives direct, allowing me to boot and watch videos - I suspect the conversion on the motherboard that gives an output for sata power isn't particularly efficient. Any load wasn't for happening.


I pulled this 700w power supply out of one of the strangest, most cobbled together pieces of junk I've ever seen, I'm not even sure what it did but 4 12v rails soon solve the issue.

Cramming it in.

So once I've cut the side panel I'll come back around and bump up the details of this but basically the card's flipped upside down and the PCI cutouts and some other bits have been cut out to make the I/O shield sit well. The card is pressed out a little by an unfortunately placed USB3 header, however it all fits together I just need to find time to cut and cover the intake for the card, since it's probably going to get toasty in there if I don't supply it with direct fresh air and there's a blower in the front drive cage that currently keeps the Bios happy but I'll likely wire it to force air in the direction of the ventilation.