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Coffee Office chair

I've upholstered this chair before, the fabric looked cool upside down, kind of flowery right way up though... Anyway, the coffee place next to me imports beans and realised the sacks could be sold, I went in to grab some coffee for the machine carrying a tiny armchair and grabbed a sack for no reason other than them being there. The girl asked me if I was doing some upholstery, nope but I am now...

Clearly not finished

I got the coffee sack on all lovely and straight, pulled taut and perfect. It looked wrong, much better a bit off kilter. After putting it all back together it's clear I need to move on to doing something with arms.

I did get as far as getting an awesome old tea crate but it'll not really work because ah hell I put it in a corner and the thing looked so good obviously I couldn't be wrecking it since the thin ply is coming apart and won't cut well and so forth.

So some rough wood and copper flashing seems like the way to go with this.