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Beer and websites

Well it's saturday night and I'm a good few beers in, goddamn can you get rusty at html fast! I've been hitting hardware jobs hard for a while now, and it's a whole new kettle of fish, the retail machines aren't much new, you just want the same old hey I'm windows put these things in options, commercial buyers though...

What do they offer?

With commercial buyers I'm selling these machines in two ways, the simple one being the boring - container stuffers, these guys'll take any wholesale computer as long as the price is right and ship it off.

The more interesting way is the commercial guys locally, they're fiercly competitive, often talking and all about what they can get away with, especially when it comes to any decent numbers of ATX towers - SFFs are great and all but upgrading the RAM only gets you so far when you can be calculating the PSU's output down to the half watt and jamming the biggest, baddest graphics card you can lay hands on for next to nothing in to enterprise machines that were never intended to strive beyond their grey exteriors.

Are second hand enterprise upgrades bad?>

I'd love to give you an outright yes or no, because for the most part they aren't bad, they'll hold up pretty well - even with abuse most of the failures I see are HDDs, same with my commercial customers, they do test their machines before selling because it's just good business. My personal number 1 warranty claim is not turning on the mains switch at the back of the machine.

On the other hand, yeah - it does depend, recently I've been seeing so many first year failures I almost blamed the wiring in a few places run by the government, but hell, the truth is so batches fail. I'm often the source and solution to these problems because I can supply machines with a half decent run time test but also have literal piles of those proprietary parts lying about.

As an example, since they're so common and I'm working on a 2015 one now, HP SFFs are horrendous for dying, but not entirely - these guys make some pretty sweet machines, sure it's a weird PSU that I had a hard time adapting but the original machine is well made, every interchangeable part is modular and shockingly the cable management is awesome. But but but, rev B of their 240w psu is prone to failure. Now, all of them are little beasts, because it's 20A of 12V that's suppplied, so an LP GTX750 is possible. But, the newer version does die over time, the older 6005 supply soldiers on.