Riff Raff Makes

My site and I

This site is more or less based around DIY projects I get up to and reviews I post, along with whatever other malarkey I get up to when I'm not working.
At the moment I'm in secure asset disposal in Northern Ireland, that is to say I wipe data from computers that are being renewed from companies, it's quite interesting in what happens surrounding it, lots of weird commerical and industrial equipment comes my way.

I've done a lot of jobs, with a weird mix against work based around computers and all the odd tree cutting, building work and so forth. Incidentally my CV looks pretty stupid.


I had written some silly reviews on Amazon and apparently people liked them. This led to some emails asking if I'd like to review products for nothing. I don't say yes to everything, I generally skip things I think will be junk because while I'm not beholden to these people, the worst they can do is send a whingey email about something I didn't like, I just don't have an interest in a lot of things offered to me, they might not even be bad but it's not like I have to take them. On the whole though, most of them are polite and not particularly solicitous beyond hoping you really, really like their product.

Affiliate Links

I use affiliate links on this site, since it's a small help to use them, not in the hopes that you'll buy things because I say they're good, pretty sure a paper route would be a more profitable way to spend my time than that.


I don't have any. Doubt I'll get any since I'd just make fun of them.